Built by a non-profit for non-profits, Hospitality HouseKeeper was developed specifically to meet the requirements of Healthcare Hospitality Houses for organizing and managing the needs of guests and patients, while keeping information safe, secure, and private.Learn More
NPSC was established to service and maintain Hospitality HouseKeeper (HHK) software and provide ongoing maintenance and training to healthcare hospitality house organizations to implement and configure the software, assist in training staff, solve ongoing problems, and much more!Learn More

Configurable, Web-based Software

Hospitality Housekeeper (HHK) Software

Reservations & Room Management


Guest & Patient Details

Guest Details

Customizable Reports

Recent Payments Report



NPSC provides ALL of the services needed to run the HHK software!

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Data Conversion
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Software Updates
  • Hosting & Backups
  • And MORE!



“I continue to LOVE the registration software. I was so proud of myself for adding another hospital in the Resource Builder without having to call you! It is so intuitive that even I can do things that ordinarily would be very foreign to me. Thank you again for creating this software and please feel free to quote me!”
Alice R. Woodard, Guest Houses Manager, Athens Regional Health Services
“I think that the Guest Tracker is BRILLIANT! I am very grateful that it is so user-friendly so that all of our volunteers can easily navigate and utilize this system.”
Joyce Mathey, Executive Director, Pay-It-Forward House
“We began searching for a system that could meet our unique business rules and track more than room revenue in 2014. After an exhaustive hunt for a reservation and guest tracking system that did not lead much of anywhere, we were introduced to Hospitality HouseKeeper.

“HHK and NPSC understand the unique needs of healthcare hospitality houses and nonprofit organizations — it’s about the people we serve and our triple bottom line. HHK has successfully grown with IMD Guest House scaling from 14 to 50 rooms and providing over 8000 nights of service. All with a positive influence on how we operate.

“Reporting out to our different partners and constituencies is much easier with HHK as it automatically calculates and tracks who we are serving, how much financial assistance we provide, and tracks our facilities.

“We have enjoyed working with NPSC and look forward to our continuing partnership.”

Robin Chan, Director of Operations, IMD Guest House



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